‘Add me on LinkedIn’ says student without a job to student with a job

The hunt begins!

A courageous second year Economics student has been hailed by their peers for revolutionising the web-based recruitment site by trying to establish a network without any foundations.

“The only people I actually know are all shamelessly unemployed and have no desire to exist in any other state. Getting your own skills endorsed by someone without any skills doesn’t make you stand out as a particularly reputable young job hunter.”

However, in a move described as ‘ground-breaking’, ‘highly ballsy’ and ‘fairly pointless in the long run’, Redland resident Jack Peters, despite the distinct lack of regular employment, has not only been attempting to ‘connect’ with his immediate friendship group consisting of people in a similar situation to himself, but as he told The Whip yesterday he’s also been looking further afield.

“In attempt to get just one sentient life form with some sort of work experience on my profile I dropped a few requests to people who owe me a few favours. And by that, I mean they’re employed by my dad, and he pays their wages. They do know me though, I made them all tea and coffee during my paid casual placement at their company” the Kent born student explained.

“I also sent messages to person who looks after my sister’s pony – he might be able to get me some work experience at Cheltenham, which would be perfect because I’m going anyway. Every opportunity to mingle with the employed is an opportunity to network!”

Among Mr Peters’ confirmed connections already include Andrew, a class librarian from Year 6 Guildford Primary (2009/10), Ella, who he spent a week with moving hangers in a charity shop) and Jason, the winner of ‘Most Likely to End Up in Prison’ in his school leavers’ book.

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