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Hundreds of students attend lecture on world hunger after hearing there’ll be free pizza

It’s good to see them taking social issues seriously.

Lecturers across the world are rejoicing at a renewed interest in fighting world hunger following a well-attended speech complete with complimentary pizza.

Hundreds of newly-inspired activists listened to Professor Alan Morris’s powerful talk, entitled ‘Consumer Culture and Poverty: Do We Take Food for Granted?’ which advocated a mindful approach to food, focusing on curbing excess.

When interviewed, Morris appeared delighted, remarking, “It’s just so fantastic that another generation is trying to make sure that everyone gets a piece. We’re seeing record turnout, so it’s clear that these progress-driven students are really out there to make a difference. They have one thing on their mind: grabbing a slice of – change.”

Reviews of the lecture, left on Facebook, were also glowing. Many praised the talk for its flavour, claiming it left them with a ‘good taste in their mouth’, and had ‘just the right amount of spice’ to keep them engaged.

However, some students were not impressed by the turnout or ‘light’ refreshments consumed.

“Can’t anyone see the double standard here?” complained third year sociology student Anna Bexfield. “you’ve literally got a lecture here about World Hunger, WORLD HUNGER for Christs sake, and there’s barely enough pizza to feed everyone in the room. What kind of message does that send to third world countries about our attitude to food provisions?”

She continued “I mean, I know more people turned up than originally expected, but there’s only about three slices each and it’s not even dominoes? You literally couldn’t make this kind of thing up. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.”

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