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Mature student prepared to take ‘desperate measures’ to ensure successful group project

Whatever it takes.

The Whip this week caught up with Robert ‘Bobby’ McFarlane, who detailed the extreme measures one member of his group project was willing to undergo to secure a 2:1.

McFarlane, 21, revealed his History group projects had been going through a rough patch: the piece, entitled “an exploration of the effects of ‘Fyre’ within Medieval England” had come to a standstill due to a lack of sources with the deadline for the project was fast approaching.

“Things were looking difficult,” McFarlane told our reporter. “We had allocated one tenth of the piece towards looking at how fyre was used in relation to food, but it was looking like it would take six times as much space.

“Plus I was getting angry messages from the other team members; I ended up removing them from the group chat so others wouldn’t see their comments and realise how badly my bit of the project was going.”

One member of the group, mature student Graham Thompson, 64, was ready to take extra steps to secure the grades they needed. “He said ‘leave it to me’ and went to see the module convenor; apparently he told him that he was ‘prepared to nosh?’”

This approach was misconstrued, however, and staff simply thought Mr. Thompson was attempting to get lunch. As he relates, “when my team members saw that all I could get was a cheese sandwich, I think that was when they realised that there was not going to be a happy ending to this story.”

McFarlane resolved to just work non-stop to get the history project before the deadline. As another group member told him, he decided to commit fully with a clear philosophy in place – “let’s just do it and be legends, man.”

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