Bristol’s top ten most romantic date spots in the W.G. Grace

Aw, you shouldn’t have!

It’s Valentine’s Day today, arguably the most romantic day of the year. So to help all you swoony loonies out there have as special a day as you all deserve, The Whip has compiled a list of the most tenderness-inducing venues inside the W.G. Grace Wetherspoons.

10. Table 21

A classic, casual but charming spot in the heart of the public house. Situated in the middle of the action, this table comes with an almost deafening ambiance that will mean you and your partner will literally have to whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears just to have a conversation.

9. Table 56

A more elevated and intimate table for those looking to get away from the action or just to be a little higher up. This nook is a mere stone’s throw from the bar so you smitten kittens will always be able to never let each other out of your sights except for a synchronised loo break every 75 minutes.

8. Table 3

Warmly lit, leathery, and close to the toilet are all qualities guaranteed to spice up your candlelit korma this curry club Thursday. This snug will make your hearts melt and spill all over your naan.

7. Table 52

Get close to your date while being close to the bar and close to the door. Your loud giggling and moderate petting can be observed by people both inside and outside, this is a prime location for besotted, obnoxious, and exhibitionist couples alike.

6. Table 29

Next to one of the gastropub’s few pieces of foliage, this spot boasts three chairs, a table, and a canopy. If you’re looking for some privacy or maybe fancy a more tropical outing then snuggle up under these eaves this lovers’ eve.

5. Table unnumbered

It goes without saying that the moonview terrace is in high demand, but not without just cause (if only to whip out the zinging line that your date is smoking in more ways than one)! This open-air oasis is cold, cramped and doubles the chances of you having an awkward chat with someone you didn’t want to see.

4. Table 44

This booth is almost identical to lucky number 8 except for being closer to the bar. Closer to the bar means more frequent drinks. And that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

3. The bar

That’s right, let’s not forget the bar itself. Because it might be Valentine’s Day but you’re still in Wetherspoons. Do you and your date struggle to interact without a drink in hand? I thought so. Then this spot’s the one for you.

2. Table 60

On the terrace, bit of a view and more people can see your PDA. Unfortunately it’s not as close to the bar, but at least you have the walks from the table to get your drinks. These are your moments of respite where you don’t have to try to talk. Cherish them.

1. Table 29

Next to the fireplace that’s never on and when it is on it’s too warm. Not near enough to the bar. Doesn’t matter. Let go. Download the App. Drink in silence.

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