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Student who is 1/32 Welsh can’t wait for his team to beat yours in the Six Nations

Did you see the match?

A smug second year engineer contacted The Whip this week to express his passion and undying support for the Welsh rugby team in this year’s Six Nations rugby tournament. Unsure about why he felt the need to tell us this, we contacted him to find out why he thought we might care.

“We’re going all the way I’m telling ya!” grinned Freddie Trainor, gulping a Fosters mere seconds into our 10am interview. “I’ve got Welsh blood – I feel a real affinity with this group of lads, ya know? Just wait till we smash England, then you’ll believe us.”

Freddie, a self-proclaimed ultra of Welsh rugby, claims his support comes from his being 1/32 Welsh on his mother’s side. “My great great great gramps was a smashing bloke, proper strapping Welsh lad. Obviously I never met him but I’d been fed up of watching the same old shit with England and when I knew I had a feasible excuse to jump ship I just went for it.”

Despite being from Bristol, Freddie has never visited Wales, but hopes to one day. “I want to go to Cardiff but wanna make sure we’re gonna win first – I’d hate to look like an idiot.”

Freddie’s passion has not aroused a positive reaction from his housemates, however. Oliver Weekes commented that he “chats the most inordinate amount of shit” and “hadn’t shown the slightest interest in rugby until the Six Nations started.”

“Six months ago he was belting out ‘football’s coming home’ all night whilst drinking on his own, but he got a tattoo of Hal Robson-Kanu on his arse after the goal he scored against Belgium in the Euros. He can’t make his mind up. I think he just wants any excuse to drink and celebrate to escape his mind-numbingly dull existence.”

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