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Blind casting director criticised for lack of vision

A step too far?

Casting director Stanley Bateman has come under fire this week for his audition methods for LUU Theatre Society’s upcoming adaptation of 1984.

Bateman has been slated for taking the blind casting approach too literally, and refusing to actually look at any of the candidates for the play. Critics say his methods will result in a mismatch of characters, which will fail to stay true to the original story.

Bateman responded in an exclusive interview with The Whip.

“I just think it’s great to cast people without even looking at them. I wanted to create a situation like The Voice, you know, where I’d hear those auditioning and base it only on what I hear. It means all my unconscious biases are removed from the picture. Also I really love Tom Jones.”

Bateman’s controversial methods have caused friction with fellow society members. The director has worn a blindfold to every rehearsal, and in one heated debate, reportedly threatened to personally gouge the producer if she kept using props to block his unsighted path.

At press time, Bateman has provoked further controversy by suggesting that all cast members wear blindfolds for the duration of the show.

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