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“You were only supposed to take the bloody bins out!” Michael Caine plays infuriated housemate in new action thriller Someone Else’s Job

Rated 15.

This year’s latest action packed thriller is ‘Someone Else’s Job’, a classic tale of crime, confusion and injustice that is a university flat share. From the acclaimed director of ‘The Gross and the Furious’ and ‘Try Hard’ comes a new caper comedy about a group of ragtag flatmates on a mission against the odds to get along while living together.

Michael Caine stars as David ‘don’t want to be a dick but’ Hughes, a second year who assembles an unlikely group of odd beat characters who have little in common bar living together in first year. Among these are: The Couple, Dramsoc Derrick, Gym Kazim, ‘DnB helps me sleep’ Barbara, 4 Ciders John and The Smoker.

David somehow convinces this gang to unite, despite a clear schism emerging of scavengers and hoarders. The team embark upon a near impossible task, each using their unique talents in attempts to not lose their deposit to the notoriously sleazy estate agent, Digs.

Someone Else’s Job depicts the ongoing thrills of student domestic life, with intense scenes of deception and exposure. See as Barb attempts quickly to take down the shag chart before her grandma arrives, and Derrick comes to terms with inadequate fridge space.

Watch as these misfits try to live together without hating each other – hilarity ensues as friendships decay! With such iconic lines as ‘No that’s not my pan. That one is though’ and ‘Can someone disconnect from the speaker please’ this comedy thriller is not one to miss!

Coming soon to a passive aggressive post-it note near you.

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