Love moshing? Hate yourself? Come to the Sainsbury’s by Wills, anytime

Fun for everyone!

The grimy sweatbox that is Queen’s Road Sainsbury’s is a classic, timeless spot, complete with its alluring lack of space, hygiene and decent meal deal options guaranteed to make you regret having entered after only a few moments inside.

While not best suited to the minority of students in a rush to get some food before returning to the library, for those who enjoy having to find their way through a teeming crowd of busy young professionals and disgruntled local builders, the crowded conditions of Sainsbury’s ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

Everyone knows that most students hate being able to easily find the things they want to buy in a shop. With a layout so random it makes you feel like you’re on a treasure hunt when buying pesto, Sainsbury’s always manages to keep you on your toes.

Don’t worry though, on the off chance that you do know where something is, you’ll still have to clamber over security guards, yummy mummies and swarms of school children to get there – quite the adventure!

Creating this great atmosphere is a piece of cake when you put the customer first. The supermarket is clearly aware of the dangers of social media, and has thoughtfully blocked all mobile signal to prevent you spending too much time on your phone, or finding out where products are from your more store-savvy friends.

If you manage to find what you seek, and do not contract an airborne disease in the process, then well done – you can leave with your dignity largely intact. See you again tomorrow!

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