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‘What grade did you get?’ asks student who definitely got a first

They’re the only ones that ask.

With results trickling out from January, every student at the University of Bristol now has another weapon of mass small talk to remedy awkward Woodland Road encounters. One Geography student has grasped this period of time to their full advantage by secretly gloating in plain sight.

Jeremy Jackson, 21, recently made the dreaded dive into the ‘My Grades’ page on Blackboard, where it was revealed he achieved a ‘disappointing’ 71 in an Earth Sciences unit, significantly lower than his grade average of 78%.

The undergraduate was then spotted pestering fellow seminar goers to reveal their marks outside the Grace Reeves study centre, with one observer reporting that ‘every time someone told him their grade, he’d add it to a league table he’d mocked up on a portable whiteboard.”

Mr. Jackson reached out to the Whip and insisted on sending a message of encouragement to all those students out there not getting those top grades:

“I know how you feel – after all, I only got 71. I just really thought I would’ve gotten higher, I was so ready for that exam. I guess it just doesn’t work out for everyone.”

“Through this interview, I hope other students in the same position as me feel better about their low grades. I am always honest about my faults; it’s the only way to progress forward and improve.”


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