Fallowfield girl unintentionally dresses up as Violet Beauregarde for World Book Day

“Her bob is acc sick haha”

The Whip has been notified that a UoM student, Suzanna Börka, was publicly embarrassed today after accidentally dressing up as Violet Beauregarde, the entitled fashion icon and bubblegum chewer from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, on World Book Day.

The Fallowfield resident was fully Fallow-chic, donning a baby blue tracksuit with half-zip detailing, worn-out white Air Force 1s and an undersized black backpack, when she was approached by a stranger shouting ‘blueberry bubblegum wanker!’.

The Psychology student told The Whip that the events came as a surprise to her, as she had only ever received compliments for her trailblazing style.

Unaware of the World Book day tradition of children dressing as a character from their favourite novel, perhaps due to her avoidance of books like the plague, she received abuse throughout the day.

“Yeah I mean, like, usually when I’m at the Ali G or just chilling with a pint in Friendos, people are like ‘your garms are hard mate’, but now people are talking about this Violet girl from some tragic kids novel and it’s fully irking me.”

On discovering how Beauregarde dressed, Suzanna was flattered, taking to her Instagram story before exclaiming, “Waait nah!!” and “Her bob is acc sick haha.”

The Whip has since been informed that the second year won’t let some book day get in the way of her love for hoop earrings, animal-print headbands and carrying round those unlabelled plastic bottles at parties containing nondescript mixer.

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