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Deforestation leaves Jungle less Massive

Wicked Wicked

Environmental concerns have recently reached fever pitch as new scientific studies suggest that deforestation may not only be damaging biodiversity and spurring climate change, but also impacting the massiveness of popular UK genre Jungle.

Reports suggest that before the turn of the millennium, roughly 60% of the UK’s musical environment was inhabited by Jungle and Garage communities.

The Whip spoke to environmental scientist and activist Kate Riddem to explain more:

“People just don’t appreciate how critical the situation is. An estimated 8 beats per minute are lost annually and Jungle habitats are rapidly declining, being replaced by streams of lofi hip hop beats to chill/study/sleep to.”

Every Friday, an area the size of Mint Warehouse is being made uninhabitable for Junglists worldwide and this mass deforestation is increasing at an alarming rate.

The Whip believes it’s time to take action. This generation is at a crossroads, whether we protect this dying genre or leave our children to inherit a world in which Jungle is tragically unmassive.

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