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Swathes of misinformed male students book flights to Ibiza in bid to find ‘international women’

A gross misunderstanding.

As International Women’s Day commences, women across the globe have begun celebrating their fight against inequality. The name of the day, however, has been a source of confusion for male students in Manchester.

To celebrate the occasion many have descended on Manchester Airport to board flights to the popular Spanish party island Ibiza, in an effort to ‘shag some international women’. The Whip managed to gain an interview with the self-proclaimed ‘Gash Gang’ before boarding their flight.

“It’s International Women Day, init? Us lads have been given an opportunity to widen our scope of pussy to across the world. I’m all for it,” said Greg Davidson, a 19 year old Business student, who at the time was fingering through a Spanish Dictionary for the phrase ‘¿Puedo comer tapas de tu culo?’ –  ‘Can I eat tapas off your arse?’.

“I’ve always felt the need to broaden my horizons. For example a big goal of mine is to have a threesome. My mate has had one – and that’s inequality that I just won’t stand for. British birds have really been hindering my opportunities.” Greg admitted. “But this day gives us a chance to really push myself forward. The clunge crusade begins here boys!”

When asked about their choice of destination, another member of the group, Matt ‘Minge Master’ Jones, explained “Ibiza seems like a good choice for our first International Women Day. The lads did #Maga18 so we know exactly what we’re in for.

“We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. But International Women Day every year? We’ll see where it takes us. The goal is to get a bit of skirt on every continent! Let’s have ittttt.” He stated whilst handing out ‘Shagaluf?’ tee-shirts to the boys.

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