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Mate who won’t pay you back for Uber can’t wait for Gottwood, Inter-railing and 3 week unpaid internship in London this summer

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Your mate Emily Borrows, the one who hasn’t paid you back £3.70 for that Uber from Mint Warehouse from last month, is reportedly “so buzzing” for a fun summer ahead of festivals and travelling.

Last night Emily, who seems to be avoiding you recently, posted a picture on Instagram of her flight confirmation email from London Gatwick to Rome in July, accompanied with the flags of the other countries she plans to visit on her 18 day trip. The flight cost alone of £67 is approximately 18 times greater than the amount of money she just two days ago claimed she was “too skint” to pay back.

Multiple sources can confirm than Emily owes everyone in your friendship group small yet not insignificant amounts of money for things which include but aren’t limited to taxis, tickets and reduced Mac lipstick. All of these debts being unpaid is all the more surprising when you consider the two festival tickets she has bought in the past month costing a total £330. The Whip analytics department have calculated that Emily could have settled all of her debts 15 times over with this amount of money.

Emily’s arrears are all stranger considering her unpaid internship this summer in London with Morgan Stanley. Even if she knows someone she can stay with, transport and living costs are likely to be significant for the three weeks she’ll be living there. This plan is inconsistent with her repeated claims she can’t quite afford to pay back Dom for the £5 he lent her for a cinema ticket to go see The Favourite in January.

Whilst there is no sign that any of these outstanding amounts will be repaid soon, Emily is reportedly asking for “a couple of quid” to help cover her Bakery 164 this afternoon.

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