Bristol students demonstrate against the Falklands War in ‘vintage’ protest

“What do we want? No colonialism! When do want it? 36 years ago!”

Bristol students have been seen this morning rallying outside the Wills Memorial Building with chants and picket signs objecting to the United Kingdom’s continued occupation of the Falklands over 35 years ago. Hordes of students in flared trousers and Reeboks have congregated in support of what many have dubbed a new kind of “vintage” protest.

One of the leaders of the group campaigning for ‘The Human Rights of Independent Falklands Territory’ (THRIFT) seemed to be a girl in dungarees and a puffer jacket who was leading the chant of, “What do we want? No colonialism! When do want it? 36 years ago!”

We managed to interview a boy named Ollie, protesting in a corduroy shirt and holding a film camera that he later admitted he didn’t, in fact, know how to use.

“Well, before today, were you talking about the occupation of the Falklands? Exactly. We just want to get the awareness out there, just because it’s ‘different’ or ‘outdated’ doesn’t make it any less of a cause.”

“And how do you think this will affect the outcome of the conflict 36 years ago?”

“It’s not about the change, it’s about the awareness. Some people here in Bristol just live in such a bubble and don’t realise what’s going on in the world, just because it’s retro doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know, you know.”

While there seems to be no immediate result of the protest, the students have also said that they would also like to promote their event outside the Students’ Union tomorrow evening, where they will be holding a candlelit vigil for John Lennon.

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