Crafty student legally changes name to Ophelia to avoid ski trip name change fee

Every little helps.

With the yearly Exeter Snowsports trip to some snow caked European mountain with unrestrained access to overpriced lager and Champagne fast approaching, the inevitable flood of hopeful resellers posting near-constantly on Overheard have likewise appeared in their dozens.

Many poor souls, post-purchasing their vastly overpriced tickets to what is essentially Timepiece on a mountain, find themselves short of funding for the rest of their Academic year, having to resort to the utter ignominy of eating only the Waitrose Essential range.

One common problem is the required name change for someone to take their place, which incurs a £50 fee, with many sellers even offering to pay this additional fee to entice potential buyers. One wily student, though, has gone to extreme lengths to ensure his place on the trip.

Ophelia Deville, formerly known as Freddie Swain, legally changed his name by deed-poll in order to get around what he regarded as an “exorbitant additional fee.” He informed The Whip that the original Ophelia was selling for £60 cheaper than the nearest ticket and, having just booked his Kenyan holiday for summer, was himself short of funds.

It was then that he came up with the ingenious idea of changing his own name: “It just sort of seemed to make a great deal of sense, no need to spend that cash when all you really have to do is change your whole identity and get a new passport, driving license and debit cards. Easy really, innit?”

It hasn’t been all rosy for Ophelia, however: “It is a bit embarrassing at Spoons though, the bouncers always seem to get a laugh out of my new ID and I have had to learn a completely new signature, but I think I can learn to live with it, at least until mummy and daddy find out.”

We at The Whip can only hope that Ophelia learns to accept his new name and can enjoy the ski trip, regardless of the human cost.

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