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Ice caps refreeze after student clicks ‘Interested’ on climate strike

Well I never!

Environmental experts are scratching their heads as news has arrived of the polar ice caps miraculously refreezing overnight. The shocking development has been attributed to student activist and Geography undergrad Olivia Snow.

In a commendable act of dedication, Snow declared her interest in an environmental rally on Facebook, unintentionally eradicating centuries of planetary degradation.

Previously, scientists believed it would take extreme conservationist policies and a drastic reduction in carbon emissions to make any impact. But, the keen flexitarian has changed the course of the planet’s future with her brave, selfless social media clicking.

The Whip caught up with the eco-warrior to hear her thoughts:

“I mean, obviously the environment’s a really big deal and the ice caps are super important too, I just try to help in any way I can. I have three keep-cups and get ALL my clothes from charity shops!

“I hope I can be an inspiration that showing vague interest on social media can really make a difference.”

Leeds students are rejoicing over the news as they look forward to a scorching Spring in Hyde Park with none of the guilty thoughts of polar bears dying and floods in Bangladesh.

When asked about her plans for the climate strike, Snow expressed her desire to really try and make it even though it clashed with a kilo-sale event that she had already clicked ‘Going’ on.

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