Entire student body find themselves signed up for brand new ‘Service Unavailable’ module

It’s definitely on purpose!

Pandemonium struck Exeter University yesterday as thousands of eager students attempted to sign up for their modules at 11am and were met with a ‘503 Service Unavailable’ message. Many clever students quickly took to Exehonestly to tackle the issue constructively by venting and sharing memes about the occasion.

Despite the servers eventually managing to cope with traffic, students awoke baffled today to find that they’d had been enrolled in a brand new module of the same name: ‘Service Unavailable.’

The Whip has gained access to exclusive information about this new module. The new topic – compulsory for second and third years – will be worth 60 credits and consist of ten contact hours a week. These contact hours will be split between lectures and seminars, both often cancelled, riddled with technical issues and generally hindering the education of its attendees. The first week of lectures is entitled We’re Sorry, We Are Trying.

“This is definitely something we meant to happen. We think that Service Unavailable – working title – will teach crucial life skills to all our students,” said the uncared for nerd working in IT, blinking uncontrollably throughout our interview.

Rumours are circulating that this new module is part of a spending cut in place to make up for the rental price of the 300 stress-relief labradors due to arrive on campus next term. Others are suggesting it is a face-saving measure to stop the institution having to admit that the IT department currently seems to operate with a similar level of technological know-how as the Amish.

This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly.

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