Second year transforms festering, unwashed dish pile into art installation with gallery plaque

A simple fix.

Lamar Joseph, a second-year student at Bristol University, has recently attempted to break into Bristol’s burgeoning art scene by creating a piece entitled “I’ll do it in a bit, it’s just soaking” comprised of piled up, festering crockery.

The artwork has been hailed as a symbol for progressive left-leaners, embodying the hardships students currently face and the present state of both the economic and global climate.

Esteemed art critic Deanna Taushford spoke to us in an attempt to break down the complexity of the sculpture.

“It’s a fascinating work in that there are so many layers. The fusion of the different pieces of cuisine stuck to the pans suggests a multi-cultural university experience, the coming together and breaking of bread of many people from a variety of backgrounds,” she scoffed artily.

“The submersion of the piece under the soapy water comments on the pollution of the world and perhaps the pressure pulling students in all directions. The whole thing seems haphazard, accidental even.”

When we caught up with the creator, he explained his own ties to the piece: “Of course it began by accident, as a bit of a joke, but gradually I began to see it in a new light. Once the mould had settled; the colours and structures began to speak to me.

“It became part of the kitchen, something permanent. There were some angry reactions from my housemates, granted, but what do you expect when you’re in hot pursuit of pure art? I’m not surprised it has gained traction. I always knew I would prove my GCSE art teacher wrong.”

After the success of Joseph’s work, culture vulture’s ears have been placed firmly to the ground in the Redland area. Rumours have even sparked of another piece, ‘I’ve ticked off have breakfast and shower so can chill now’, that is soon to be released this week.

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