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‘Just start a Depop shop,’ helpful student kindly suggests to homeless person

What great advice!

A student has been spotted giving homeless people in Manchester the helpful advice to “just start a Depop shop.”

Faye Hepburn-Stuart, a second-year History student, frequents the phone app, an online market place where users can buy and sell their clothes – colloquially known as garms.

“Like I was walking along the street, smoking a rollie and, like, just pondering over how on point I looked, when like suddenly I saw this homeless man outside of Sainsbury’s. My heart sank. Like I was really, really sad,” Faye told The Whip, “But then like I noticed his trackies and oh my god, I had such a brain wave!

“I went to him and was like, ‘Omg I sold the exact same pair of trackies on Depop for like £40!’ Such vintage 90s raver vibes. I just knew his Depop would bang,” she continued. “I just couldn’t believe he had never even thought of it.”

Depop is renowned for helping students with their financial problems, and Faye is no exception. “I just know that broke life feeling all too well! Depop saved me. Not only do I find the best garms, I also get 2 grams of k for night out rather than one. It’s great.”

Faye expressed her dismay at the homeless man’s less-than-positive reaction. “Yeah so he looked at me quite confused. I think he wanted some change? I don’t really do cash so that wasn’t happening”.

The Whip requested a statement from the homeless man, named as James Mitchell. We were informed by Mitchell’s PA that he was unavailable for comment, owing to his recent success as newly appointed fashion director for Gucci.





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