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Adorable: delusional second year convinced dinner party won’t descend into classless hedonistic nightmare

How sweet!

A student planning an extensive dinner party including aperitifs and a cheese board has adorably predicted that her evening won’t be ruined by a quick digression into absolute chaos. Her plans for the evening have been heavily criticised by fellow peers as “frankly delusional.”

Lily Smith sent out the invitations to her closest friends via Facebook two weeks before the evening. The event description stating, “Hey lovelies, maybe bring a bottle of vino between you all to have with the cheese!” amused and astonished friends who had already contacted their dealer in preparation for the evening’s debauchery.

We caught up with her friends for their view of the upcoming dinner party.

“At first, I thought it was a joke, but I realised she’s actually deadly serious. It’s quite endearing really that she thinks she won’t be out of her mind, face-down in an ashtray at 4am.”

Another added, “She always tries to do classy stuff like this. Like she got annoyed when she tried to arrange to go to the ‘countryside’ and we ended up in Hyde park with tinnies. Don’t know what her problem is, it’s still got grass.”

We managed to speak to Lily as she was putting the finishing touches to her dinner party, arranging a vase of daffodils for a table centrepiece.

“Oh, I’m so looking forward to it! I’ve found a ‘Light Dinner Jazz’ playlist on Spotify and asked everyone to bring some hummus and guac for starters. I’ve got a seminar tomorrow at 10am so the schedule is mains at 8, dessert and cheeseboard at 9 and amicable chatter until 10:30pm when everyone goes home.”

The Whip can confirm that while completing our interview, the first of her guests arrived with 2 bottles of Frosty Jack’s.

“It really is going to be a lovely evening, I’m sure of it…”

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