Vegan housemate offers to share bed with rat instead of calling pest control

Rights for rats!

The Whip has received reports of a disagreement among housemates surrounding a tenant not paying rent.  Earlier in the week, an unwelcome rat moved into a 10-man house in Withington, and, much to the horror of the residents, one housemate is refusing to call the exterminator.

Tensions grew to a head yesterday evening, when students in the house insisted that pest control were to be called to dispose of the rat. However, vegan housemate Anthia Newnham-Baker contested the decision, offering her bed as a refuge.

“Rats are actually really intelligent animals,” Anthia explained. “I won’t stand to see an innocent animal murdered when they haven’t even done anything wrong.”

Sadly, her heartfelt statement has not been enough to change the minds of the other residents, with one housemate complaining, “It takes the piss. It showers three times a day.

“Realistically, we’re gonna need to see some money from the rat to cover the bills.”

In a last-ditch attempt to save the rat, Newnham-Baker has vowed to chain herself to her bed if the exterminator is called, preventing any kind of large-scale fumigation. She argued, “So what if it steals food? Everyone steals my oat milk all the time and I never complain!”

In light of the disagreement, the justice warrior has started a Go Fund Me page called Rights for Rats. She is collecting donations via this page and a guilt-tripping Facebook post in order to rehabilitate the rat in a safe environment. The Whip will be catching up with Newnham-Baker following her sit-in.

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