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‘It’s tradition’: Mumbai chefs announce plans for end of curry season rugby game

The boys are out to play.

A collection of culinary experts from India’s largest city have announced plans to host their third consecutive end of curry season rugby game.

The event, which many kitchen staff are now dubbing a ‘tradition’, marks the start of a rest period for chefs before they are due back to training in the middle of April.

“It’s a well-deserved break from what has been a long and challenging few months,” recounted Sanjeev Kapoor, “we had a super difficult Bhuna to make against New Delhi 2s last week, which followed on from a narrow victory after Ranveer Brar  cooked up potentially the best Jalfrezi I’ve ever seen against Bangalore 3s. Nail biting stuff.”

He continued, “it’s a shame there are no more fixtures, but I’m excited to finally kick back and relax with some stress free contact sport.”

As the conversation progressed, our international reporter was keen to find out where the idea originated:

“We got the idea from Marcus. Everyone in the Mumbai cooking community knows Marcus. He’s an icon” explained Mr. Kapoor.

“He visited central West India on his gap year several years ago, not long after finishing at the University of Bristol. He explained everything – from Gravity Wednesdays all the way to the shirts and chinos.” He added “we don’t wear those though, don’t worry – we know his culture is not a costume.

“We always make sure we participate respectfully. Rugby is an ancient art, I’m sure British players of the great sport treat our cuisine with similar courtesy.”


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