Subject son shows subject mum a good time for Mother’s Day


Social norms were cast aside this morning as one subject mother awoke to find her subject son lying naked next to her. Admittedly, he had also gone to the effort of bringing her flowers.

The matriarchal mentee, who understandably wished to remain anonymous, was shocked to find that her tutee had made good on a promise to ‘give her a Mother’s Day to remember.’

The Freudian slip reportedly occurred following a heavy night of drinking at a notorious, densely-mum-populated nightclub on the Triangle. The Whip caught up with Geography’s ostensible Oedipus, who was quite happy to be named as Percy Edwards.

“I’ve always been a bit of a mummy’s boy you know, it’s in my nature. So I wanted to really outdo my subject siblings.

“Everyone gets a card, don’t they? It’s a bit overdone. I wanted to give my subject mum something that she’d remember forever, something that would cement our relationship.”

He continued: “Of course, dad wasn’t too happy, but Father’s Day isn’t for ages, so I’ve got a while to plan for that.”

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