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Vaperil Fools! Third year mistakes memory stick for JUUL and smokes entire dissertation


What observers described as a ‘classic prank’ took place today in Redland after a third year’s vape was slyly swapped out for a memory stick containing the only copy of their dissertation.

The practical joke, fittingly performed on April fools, was reportedly the latest in a string of hilarious tricks that two cheeky housemates have been playing on each other this year.

We caught up with Jerome Jacksworth, prank perpetrator, to find out how he came up with the idea.

“We’re always kicking back, vibin’ it out and blowing some fatty ghosts with our JUULs. Hehehehe. JUUL gang!” He explained as our reporter gagged. “One evening James [the prankee] almost uploaded his essay on the dissolution of communism in South Asia onto one of our vapes that was on the table next to his USB.”

He concluded “In that moment the seed, or should I say cloud, was planted…or should I say blown. The cloud was blown. Yeh. Actually can you cut this bit o-“

The unfortunate consequence of the action has meant James now has only 2 weeks to rewrite his entire dissertation. We also caught up with to see how he was coping with the new challenge.

“It was a great prank, I have to say. I smoked that shit right up. Didn’t even realise. I did think it had a bit of a fruity twang to it though, but I just thought that that was normal. Curse you, watermelon and mint!” he laughed through raspy coughs.

Our reporter then queried as to why James seemed unphased by the enormous workload imminently about to consume his life.

“Well I smoked it, didn’t I” he explained. “All the information is gonna be in me somewhere. If I hold my breath for the next fortnight in order to not let any of the content escape, I think I’ll be able to bash it out in a couple of hours.”


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