Student titles Instagram photo ‘I literally don’t care’ after asking flatmate for caption suggestion

give it a like, go on.

A confused and misguided student captioned her latest Instagram post “I literally don’t care” following the advice of one her flatmates.

Known fondly to her followers as ‘@LifeOfStella’, the second year was unable to think up a kooky caption to compliment her very grammable snap. After spending 6 hours taking the perfectly polished piccy, and a further 4 hours trying to come up with a clever caption, the undergraduate had no choice but to turn to her house for inspiration.

After reportedly badgering her flat mates for a considerable amount of time, they generously proposed a plethora of helpful proposals, including ‘fuck off’, ‘get a life’, and ‘stop spamming the group chat’.

Whilst Stella admitted to our reporter that it was a ‘tough decision’, and that she struggled on picking the right caption because there were ‘so many brilliant suggestions’, she ultimately  settled on the caption ‘I literally don’t care’ because it ‘really spoke to her on a different level.’

“I like totally adored the caption so much” explained Stella. “It perfectly conveys the idea that I’m a cool, indie, witty and laid-back person and that I literally ‘literally don’t care’ what anyone else thinks about me. You can tell I don’t care because the entire process from camera to insta only took ten hours, I just need to make sure there’s no room for that sentiment to be misconstrued.”

Unfortunately, all of the hard work was in vein. The Whip’s sources have revealed the post was unfortunately deleted within 10 minutes of being shared, because it failed to reach a sufficient number of likes and gushing comments. Harsh.



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