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Life Drawing Society release controversial clothed calendar

Scandalously clad.

Bristol’s life drawing society has released its annual ‘clothed’ calendar, featuring some of it’s best loved models, to great fanfare – it sold out in less than a day. The Whip found more than a few happy customers flicking through the calendar in Royal Fort Gardens. 

Daniel and Mark, both 21, tried to explain the calendar’s remarkable success. 

“I’m a big fan of intelligent erotica, as is my mate Mark here. To clothe a naked body implies the very nudity of that body. I’m the sort of bloke who loves to talk up imaginative and tasteful onanism. It’s just my way of being a better feminist, while still making conversational room for me to talk about my dick. Bun Pornhub, big up Life Drawing Soc.”

“Bro – check out March. Bottom right. Oof.”

“Look at that… that; that is filthy.”

“Wish my girlfriend would dress-up like that. Fingerless gloves – they ain’t part of that passé homeless chic anymore, they’re fucking lingerie for the HAND, dude. Props to her. Concert-pianist pegs, fucking hell.” 

We left the two boys to talk to one of the models, Jimmy Pinter, a long-time life drawing vet but new to the ‘clothed calendar’ series. 

“God, I was so nervous! Exposing yourself life that in front of the camera is… the intimacy of it, it’s really nerve-wracking. I was quaking in my ski-boots. Normally, in life drawing I don’t think twice about it. Why would I?

“My favourite part of my body is probably my body and my face. I know that people will go positively creamy for me. I am a celestial anvil upon which great art is beaten and shaped. That’s just body positive factoids!

“Covering it up is a sin – that’s what makes it so naughty. At the end of the day though, I asked myself – do I care about what people think of how I look, or do I care about being part of a story that is beautiful? The second one, I screamed back at myself! Even so, I’m open enough to admit I was felt uncomfortable during the shoot. My cheeks went bright red!

“You won’t see that in the calendar though. The balaclava, chastity-belt and steel wimple saved those blushes.”

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