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Students spoilt for choice as ‘How was your Easter?’, ‘How’s revision going?’, and ‘Any plans for summer?’ all viable small talk options

Students have been left abound with meaningless conversations starters.

The return to campus life can take some adjustment, and with endless curtailed catch-ups and half conversations, small talk is a necessary skill.

Given that the Easter break has just passed, summer holidays are looming large and exam chat – the gift that just keeps on giving – is also in season, students have been left abound with meaningless conversations starters.

However, having barely survived the pre-Easter conversational dearth, some individuals have found themselves floundering this week, overwhelmed by the ever-increasing options for opening questions.

The Whip was able to catch up with one such student, a rather flustered looking Marie-Anne Cartridge-Hartridge, on the Parkinson steps.

“Gosh I’ve just made a fool of myself,” Marie-Anne began, quite visibly embarrassed. “So many possibilities, so many tenses to juggle, it’s just too much to handle!

“Christ, I asked my old flatmate how their Easter festival revision was going? It’s bloody shambolic!”

Marie-Anne quickly excused herself, rushing off to grab a coffee before resuming her battle with her dissertation.

For those well versed in the art of small talk however, May can be a month of plenty. Reports have emerged that one student, who has requested to remain anonymous, managed both to detail how little work he had done and his travel arrangements for Gottwood in a single five second interaction.

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