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‘You can just get one on the door,’ says ticket holder fully prepared to abandon friend indefinitely

Uni friends are friends for life.

Last Monday, as she lay in the safety of her bed off Chandos Road, Bristol student Ellie Wang was accosted by an unnaturally aggressive housemate demanding that she ‘simply must come out’.

However, what started out as a bit of ‘innocent cajoling’ quickly took a dark turn, culminating in Ms. Wang removing her gap yah elephant trousers and oversized t-shirt and preceding to ready herself for the night ahead, only to be turned away at the door on arrival to the venue.

Witnesses to the interaction helped our team construct a transcript to fully understand the extent of the relentless pressure exerted on the student in question:

Ellie: I’m tired… and I have labs at 9am

Harry: Ah come on, it’s our last year of bumming about

Ellie: I don’t have a ticket

Harry: You can just get one of the door mate

Ellie: Mmmmm but what if you can’t

Harry: Nah you definitely can and if not my sister’s boyfriend’s best mate’s housemate runs the night so I’m sure I can get you on guest list.

Ellie: Really? The event says it’s sold out on Facebook and that there’s no guest list

Harry: It’s honestly fine, I promise you’ll get in

Ellie: But last entry is 11:30 and it’s 10:30 now and I’m not even ready

Harry: They only say that so everyone turns up early

Ellie: Oh. Well if you say so…

This harrowing scenario is the latest in a string of all too common incidents that has seen a ticketless housemate selfishly coerced into a night out only to be left for dead upon entry.

Ellie gave us a run through of the night that followed:

‘I saw the queue and immediately my face fell. Harry assured me that even if they weren’t selling he had seen about 20 tickets available on Clifton and Stoke Bishop. Approaching the bouncer, I had my cash and ID ready. After a brief ‘what’s your address’ palaver, I walked confidently up to the ticket guy and pulled out my cash. He just shook his head and asked me to stand aside. Even at this point I was relatively confident as I turned around to look for Harry. “No tickets” I shouted. “Ah what a shame” he shouted back, whilst putting his arm round the girl from earlier and walking through the doors. “Maybe see you at afters” I heard him say. £14 Uber home and I missed my Labs.’









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