Fallowfield bank vault party pushed back to 2100

The rave of your grandchildren’s lives.

The fabled ‘Fallowfield House Party – The Bank Vault’ has had its date changed on Facebook again, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Sound announced last night.

The delay is a result of emergency talks between the Ministry and the International Rave Council, in which doubts were raised that the party would not be organised in time for the original date.

The Ministry had previously warned party organisers Fallowfield Sesh that steps would be taken if they did not get their act together.

According to reports, over 4000 South Manchester-based students have put their trust in legendary promoters Fallowfield Sesh by clicking ‘Going’ on the party’s Facebook event. Many of these students have expressed their disappointment in the delay.

“I first heard about Fallowfield House Party – The Bank Vault through its Facebook event in 2015, when I was a first year. Because I was a particularly cool fresher, I said that I was attending.

“It’s been pushed back a couple of times already. But now they’re saying that we might be looking at a party date of October 2100. I’ll be 103 years old then. What if I can’t 2-step anymore?”

Representatives of the International Rave Council, headquartered in Berlin, were present at last night’s talks and shared their own worries on the delay.

“One issue which surfaced is that there is, in fact, no underground bank vault in Fallowfield,” said International Rave Council president Mr Deejay Ferocious following the talks.

“We hope the Ministry use the extra time this extension has provided to either locate an appropriate bank vault, or, in what appears to be a more probable solution, build one from scratch.”

Mr Ferocious added, “We had hoped since Fallowfield Sesh first hosted this event on Facebook that it would end up being ‘sick’. Our fear now is that it will be merely ‘alright’.”

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