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Introducing the High Rollers: the new gambling society launched for students with trousers turned up to their shins

What is life if not a gamble?

A new society has been launched in Manchester whose aim is to bring together two highly marginalised groups in student culture: affluent gambling addicts and people with shorter than average inside leg measurements.

The society had its first meeting last week in a café with a low counter to ensure the short-trousered members were all able to order speedily and without tiptoes.

We met with the society’s founder, Peter Wilson, a second-year student from Cambridge, to find out more.

“So, just to be very, very clear, we are not to be confused with the other High Rollers – a Dungeons and Dragons society dedicated to rolling nat 20s. Nor, as a matter of fact, are we linked to the High Strollers society – you’ve heard of them, of course – the weed-smoking, joint-toting ramblers.

“We’re just a group of people whose trousers are too long that enjoy gambling away our trust funds every now and again. What’s so wrong with that?

The other member of the society, Craig Brown, was also present at the meeting. We asked Brown how it felt to be a part of not one but two minority groups.

“Well, to be honest, it doesn’t really affect me. Sometimes my ankles get cold when I’m in William Hill and they whack the air-con on too high, but that’s about it.”

The High Rollers are still welcoming new members and are looking forward to the warm weather when their rolls will be higher than ever.

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