Thanks to electronic submission, student’s dissertation hand-in photo is selfie at 5am, naked, sad and alone


We are all well-acquainted with the well-worn tradition of Dissertation hand-in photos: their sun-kissed protagonists, impressive reams of paper. The art form is now having to move with the times.

James Bonneville, a 3rd Year Spanish Student, uploaded his hand-in selfie to Instagram at 5:03am last night, its caption reading: “#Proud #Relieved #YouCantTouchDiss #Seriously #YouCant #TheresNoPhysicalCopy Howzat! Just submitted my dissertation! So excited for FREEDOM! It’s taken us nine months. My baby. Sired by both man and machine! I’ve been naked for three days now. Quite liberating! Static interference and so on.” James was not available for comment.

His housemate, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “he went a bit Gothic. He hasn’t been out of his room for three weeks. I knocked on his window the other night just to see if he was alright and to deliver him his daily milk. Well, he’s redecorated. Walls covered in writing. He studies Spanish, but I think he went with the title ‘Boney-Ball – Skeletal Recylcement in Modern Sport.'”

Continuing, he added, “at night he’s been shouting about how three femurs and two index fingers would make a viable wicket if only the ICC weren’t such squeamish bastards.”

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