‘It’s just a lovely accommodation’ Wills student kick-starts ‘Increase the Rent’ campaign

A social progressive we can all admire.

In a predictable and unsurprising turn of events, residents of the notorious Wills hall have launched a controversial ‘increase the rent’ campaign. Wills students convinced that university accommodation is an absolute “steal” believe that students really need to start paying more for their “stellar living situation”.

Campaign founder, Sam Sultan, did nothing but rave about the ‘majestic and handsome’ accommodation available for freshers. Sultan proudly told our reporter that the university had done ‘an incredible job with accommodation’.

“I want to give credit where credit’s due”, he explained proudly. “Or rather Daddy’s credit card when the rent’s due.”

Last week the ‘increase the rent’ campaign organised a march through the streets of Bristol. One observer reportedly heard students chanting ‘Live in Wills, pay higher bills’ and ‘Accommodation’s great, increase the current rate’.

The campaign has also asked students to pledge to a “rent hike” which would force students to pay double the current rate of rent. So far it appears that only Sam Sultan has signed up to voluntarily pay more for his accommodation, however he remains confident that this movement will join the trend.

When asked why Sultan felt so passionately about his campaign, Sultan revealed that it was his way of ‘giving back to the university’. “Let’s be honest now, it’s only pocket change anyway” he guffawed.

It has been rumoured that BUCA, (Bristol University’s Conservative Association) have publicly backed Sultan’s initiative. Many have speculated this may actually hurt the campaign’s chances of winning more support, but will increase the chances that Mr. Sultan is punched in the face.










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