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Liverpool fan accepts they’ll probably have to settle for a 2:1 in the Premier League

Next year’s their year!

After Manchester City’s 1-0 win over Leicester City last night, Liverpool fans are increasingly suspecting that the title will go to the blue side of Manchester. We caught up with third-year and die-hard Liverpool fan Adam Henson, who shared his disappointment.

“It’s really gutting to see; we’ve put a lot of effort in for years to get to this point and its looking like we’re just gonna miss out on the prize. You’ve gotta ask what more we could have done? bemoaned a visibly upset Adam.

“We’ve done it all the right way, and Man City have just bought their way to a First. Apparently passion in your work means nothing and they actually care more about your ‘percentage’ or number of marks or whatever. It’s soul-destroying.”

Adam, whose support for Liverpool is fittingly complimented by his subject of choice, History, admitted he had even tried to apply for mitigation for his beloved team: “We’re in dire straits now, and I thought if there was anything I could do I would give it a go.”

“I wrote to the FA saying that Mohamed Salah was feeling a bit low and Jurgen Klopp’s nan had died to give extra consideration or maybe a few extra games to get more points, but they asked for a doctor’s note and a death certificate. Seems like nothing will go our way.”

This is the latest disappointment for Liverpool fans, and perhaps the most painful since Steven Gerrard slipped in the middle of his final exam back in 2013. The Whip hopes that next year will be their year, whilst simultaneously accepting its incredibly unlikely to be the case.

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