This UoB student loved living in Stokes Croft so much he got his dad to buy a third of it

He hopes his father will convert the land into luxury apartments for the locals.

Third-year Philosophy student and self-proclaimed ‘local’, Archie Wilkinson, hit the headlines in Bristol this week after managing to convince his father to buy him his very own portion of Stokes Croft.

Many students struggle to form a connection to the area they live in whilst at University, but Archie was so encapsulated by the spirit of Bristol’s buzzing community hub that he wanted to ‘give back’ to Bristolian born-and-breds through paternal purchase.

While the size of his ego might be clear, estimations of the extent of the land that Mr Wilkinson has purchased vary, with many sources suggesting that he has acquired around thirty percent of the entirety of area.

Speaking about why he loves the area so much, Archie told The Whip, “I just feel that there’s such a great community spirit fostered by the independent businesses, which is why I wanted to invest. That will mostly disappear now they’ve been brought under the control of dad’s holding company, but it’s still nice to feel a part of this community while it lasts.”

With concerns over whether this investment would damage the work that local enterprises have been doing for the area for decades, Archie was quick to point out that the change he was bringing about was for the greater good of Bristol:

“Café Kino’s profits used to go to local charities, for sure, but the luxury apartments we are planning to bulldoze it over for will be a welcome addition to the centre of Bristol. At just £56,000 a month, bills included of course, hundreds of local will now have places to live!”

When pressed on the financial details behind it, Archie seemed reassured.

“I’m not willing to go into detail but it’s a drop in the ocean for padre, and also a financially sound decision. For example, the Crafty Egg, one eatery we intend not to reduce to rubble, only needs to sell eight smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast before father gets a full return on his capital investment for that location. I just don’t understand why more students don’t just get their parents to invest.”


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