Desperate student takes revision notes to Indigo after finding no seats in Blue

“Got any student ID mate?”

Reports emerged on Friday night of a distressed student queuing for the door at Indigo holding an assortment of lecture handouts and library books.

It appears the panicked first year was carrying the study material in the hope of finding a revision space for the night, having found not one unreserved seat in the entire main library.

The Oak House resident had taken the UoM custom of naming library areas after colours literally, and being a Withington night-life rookie, had assumed that Indigo was simply a south Manchester outpost of the Oxford Road study spaces.

Reporters from The Whip caught up with the Chemistry student, Alex Clerk, during one of his many revision breaks the next day.

“How is it unreasonable to think that Indigo is part of the library? All the other areas are named after bloody colours. Purple isn’t even a colour in the rainbow. It doesn’t make sense to have a Purple area and not an Indigo one. Richard of York didn’t give battle in vain for that.

“I lost a whole night of revision because of this. I’m going to petition uni to change the library areas to the cardinal points on the compass. You know, like Blue should be South. If the magnetic compass was good enough for the Han Dynasty of China in 206 BC it’s good enough for Manchester Uni.

“I’m confused as to why there was a night on there anyway. Exams start in 5 days and you’re still going to your mate’s shit techno night? Baffling.”

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