‘Sunday’s the new Friday,’ says loser staying up till 2 am to watch dragons

Oh dear.

In a wavering, shrill tone betraying his deadened spirit, fourth year Physics student Benjamin Flannel was overheard declaring, “Sunday’s the new Friday!” to his jaded flatmates this Sunday evening. He was seen at the time preparing a spread of Wotsits and Monster energy drink cans in advance of his early morning helping of Orcs and soft-core porn.

When The Whip approached Benjamin’s flatmates for comment, they revealed that Benjamin had denied the opportunity to leave the house and socialise that Friday. He told them that he wanted to save himself until Sunday night, as the excitement of refreshing Putlocker for three hours straight would be more than enough exhilaration for one weekend.

Flatmate Marcus revealed to The Whip that Benjamin had taken to repeating the phrase ‘Sunday’s the new Friday’ every weekend at periodic moments throughout the days. This served as a friendly warning to his friends of the imminence of a new installment of the dragons and magic spells show.

“I have to say, I’m a little surprised he’s not interested in going out and drinking anymore. In second year we had crazy nights out, but now he mostly wanders about the flat in his dressing gown drinking blue-top milk from the carton, muttering ‘winter is coming’ to himself.”

“I don’t care if this is how he gets his kicks, as long as I don’t have to hear about whether King Herod to going to reach the goblin fortress of Aragon in time or whatever the fuck that show’s about,” offered Benjamin’s mother Jean when The Whip got in touch.

“And I couldn’t give a rat’s arse if this season’s episodes aren’t quite reaching expectations from a storytelling point of view. It’s just a high budget Raven for incels anyway.”

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