University built on slave trade in city built on slave trade ‘looking into’ links to slave trade

Surely not!

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the way you solve racial issues is by email. And Bristol University certainly know this. That’s why the powers that be sent every student an email, to outline all the issues they will be ‘looking into’ over the coming months.

We caught up with one university official to get the lowdown on how he thinks students can get involved in the project: “Well, if anyone wants to join us at looking into the University’s links to the slave trade, we actually have a plethora of our own objects, artefacts and buildings placed across campus that we encourage you to take a really good look at, whenever you have the chance.”

Another key issue is the name of the Wills Memorial Building, which has been the site of much debate across the university.

In efforts to tackle the colonial legacy, Bristol University is happy to announce its decision to re-name every single University building after famous slave owners in fear that if they don’t, everyone might forget that slavery ever happened.

And that’s not all! The University also released this statement:

“We’ve listened to their experiences, challenges and needs and as a result have launched our BME Programme: ‘Smile, because it’s over’. This programme will give three new BME students the marvellous opportunity to feature their deserving grins on Bristol University’s 2020 academic prospectus.”

Once again, Bristol University is getting it spot on.

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