UoM opens exam resit centre in Cambodia for students who spend revision period planning summer holidays


Despite Manchester already being known as a multicultural city, The University has made trailblazing plans to take this all-inclusive approach one step further. As of Summer 2019, an exam resit centre will open in Cambodia, right next to the Mondulkiri Elephant Sanctuary, a known Instagram spot known for attracting gap year-ers and droves of Manchester students every summer.

Catching up with a few students who were seen scrolling through photos of Angor Wat’s temple in the Ali G, we discovered the necessity of such a centre.

“It’s such a relief really,” jabbered Amelia Bullington-Taylor, “my friend Minty and I have spent the last month painstakingly ensuring we hit all the right spots in Cambodia and Bali and of course my work has inevitably suffered. It’s not my fault that I chose to go to South America on my Gap year; I feel out of the loop of so many conversations.”

We also found other students, such as Archie Pinkcross, who seemed perplexed as to why the centre was only just starting now. “As a second year,” he announced, “I feel that my work greatly suffered last year due to the lack of facilities. I mean my ‘rents are paying a ludicrous amount in tuition fees and I have always felt the resit arrangement was rather lacklustre, if I say so myself.”

Speaking to Susan Jefferson, the woman behind this groundbreaking idea, we discovered why this new facility was going to be a lifeline for so many students. “As a university, we always want to support our students, both in and out of term time. In creating this space we will enable students to stop stressing about where they are going to take the best photos, the outfits they need… oh and their exams of course. I will be personally spending the summer there myself to ensure it all goes smoothly.”

With centres due to open in Bali, Thailand and the South of France in 2020, there are worries that as these summer spot centres fill up, the England resit timetable will become non-existent. But of course, as Susan explains “everyone could just pay the £800 flight out and resit in the sun and wouldn’t that be rather fun!”


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