Deteriorating third year’s bucket list slowly becoming ‘fuck it’ list

‘I’ve just got a lot on at the moment.’

One UoB final year student underwent what academics are calling an ‘intense morphological change of list’ this week after realising they have absolutely no time or resources to complete it.

The original ‘bucket’ list, rumoured to include a string of activities the hopeful undergraduate was hoping to participate in before leaving Bristol, was initially an optimistic grouping of of events, classes and sightseeing. However, hopes, dreams and wonders quickly turned into cold hearted reality as the final weeks of approached.

James Welsbeth, History student and list-owner, spoke to The Whip about their lack of enthusiasm to complete their extensive bucket list:

“Yeah, I’ve had the list since freshers 2016. It started small, but soon it filled right up. I thought I could cope with the amount I wanted to do, but third year happened and I had to actually work for the first time in three years. It was a real bummer, but at this point I still had hope.”

He continued “I realised about a month ago that hope wasn’t enough to complete my list, so I thought a name change was appropriate. I struggled with ideas for a while until I thought ‘fuck it’. That’s when it hit me.”

“Not only did the title change, but so did the contents. I thought I’d make some of the goals more achievable. For example, I changed swimming in Abbots pool to paddling into the Royal Fort Garden pond, and a Wetherspoon’s pub crawl has been swapped for just drinking alone on the floor of my room scrolling through pictures of first year and crying. Much easier.”

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