Student itching to grind out Game of Thrones finale and get back to revision

The real Game of Thrones is finding an empty seat in Edward Boyle.

The summer exam period is a stressful time for all, with impending deadlines and countless mind-numbing hours spent in the library. Yet for one third year, none of this compares to the literary deficient and emotionally traumatic pain inflicted by the final series of Game of Thrones.

We caught up with Medieval History student, Jimmy Bannister, as he anticipated the joy of putting the series to bed.

“To be honest the thought of learning about the detrimental effect of the Hundred Years War on French agricultural progression is more palatable than watching the abysmal decline of Daenerys’ character arc. I’ve spent hours of my life watching the series, reading the books, pouring over theories – even writing my own bloody fan fiction!

“I can’t wait to finish the final episode: they can’t have fucked it up that badly, could they? Right?”

The fantasy fanatic expressed his eagerness to do away with dull dragons and tedious Targaryens to focus on annual rye surplus in the Normandy region.

But Bannister’s comparable passion for note-taking and highlighting is soon to take to hold as he realises the real Game of Thrones is finding an empty seat in Edward Boyle.

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