Uh Oh! Student accidentally brings flash mob into library instead of flash cards

This is going to be all over Yahoo News!

In what is already being described as a ‘mortifying faux pas’, first year student Jemima Jaspers brought chaos and disruption to Bristol’s Arts and Social Sciences Library this afternoon when she realised that instead of bringing her trusty, colour-coded flash cards, she had mistakenly brought in a flash mob.

“Oh jeeze!” Jemima muttered to herself after she had sat down at her table, looked in her bag and noticed instead 300 people around her breakdancing to a mid-naughties dance-pop medley. Students studying for their exams were perturbed by the mass outbreak of choreographed cavorting: biology student Ben Gurion told The Whip that it was difficult to concentrate on his revision notes when surrounded by the exuberant dancers and with Toxic by Britney Spears booming through huge speakers that were inexplicably attached to the ceiling of the ASS.

The disruption was compounded by the fact that students had no choice but to take out their phones and film the flash mob, as the primordial urge to be involved in what might be ‘viral content’ kicked in. “I’m furious,” Ben was heard exclaiming as he eagerly pointed his phone at the dancers, in a scene that sources say was reminiscent of a T-Mobile advert, but in a library. Jemima was seen blushing and shrugging her shoulders: “Christ, this is going to be all over Yahoo News” she said, shaking her head.

When The Whip got in touch, Jemima explained that she was rummaging in her drawer for her flash cards that morning but “must have accidentally gone for the flash mob instead… I suppose it happens to the best of us, and here we are.”

She said her revision plans were now in tatters, as the flash mob would be of little use – and if anything were more of a nuisance than help. “I guess I’m just going to have to go back home with this lot, then,” she said resignedly as she tried to shoo the flash-mobbers out through the lobby like cattle.

“This is the last time I make this mistake!” Jemima sighed upon leaving.





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