‘I’m already rich, and I have lots of money,’ sing entire Bristol student population over Lily Allen at LSTD

Reports suggest they also think they are quite clever, and that they’re also quite funny.

It’s that time of the year once again: the sun is shining brightly over Eastville Park, the swallows are in song, and daddy’s bank account is a few hundred pounds lighter as Loves Saves the Day swoops onto the Bristol music scene for another year.

However, our festival correspondent noticed that this year, Lily Allen managed to strike a particularly rich chord with Bristol’s student body. So much so, that during the opening to her hit no. 1 The Fear, the audience was moved to shout “I’m already rich, and I have lots of money”, in an attempt to show solidarity with the artist’s message of pursuing stardom.

Rave regular Iona Castle, mastermind behind the spontaneous musical movement gave her take on the event…

“It’s no secret that poor Lil’s career has been a bit rocky in recent years. I mean did you read her new book? Absolute hogwash” she scoffed. “So when I heard she was headlining LSTD I thought to myself you know what, I can give Ms. Allen that little push of encouragement she needs to make it back to her 2009 glory days.”

She continued; “Me and some of the Churchill lads put our heads together and reckoned that if we just showed her how well-off we all were, that would motivate her to work even harder to reach the same socioeconomic status as ourselves!”

She concluded “It’s a pretty amazing idea when you think about it” she smiled, reaching for her well-earned Red Stripe. “And even better in action. I hope she’s thankful for what we’ve done for her here today.”


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