Student sets 8am alarm in bid to find seat at Friendship

Nothing like a pint of lager for breakfast.

Fallowfield’s Friendship Inn is well known for its outdoor seating and inviting atmosphere. Now that the weather is improving, it has also become notorious for territorial spats between students wanting to enjoy a pint on a sunny afternoon.

These turf wars over tables have led to some patrons taking drastic measures in order to secure seating. One such drinker is Alex Clark, a third year History student, who has been using a complex alarm system in a bid to get his hands on a seat at Friendship.

Reporters from The Whip met with Clark to find out more.

“My first alarm usually goes off at 7am. Obviously, I know I’m not going to actually get up at that time but I still set it anyway, just in case. Then, I have a series of alarms going off at ten minute intervals until 8am, ensuring any sleep I do manage to get is disturbed and unsatisfying.

“Sometimes it’s harder to find a seat in Friendship than in Ali G or the library. If I’m at Ali G by 9:30 I’ll usually find a place in some mouse-infested corner. But on a sunny morning at Friendship there’s barely room to stand up. As exams progress I’ve been setting my alarms earlier and earlier to get a seat.

“It must be something about the insane stress of revision and the reasonably-priced beer that drives everyone here over exam season. Sounds healthy.”

Clark continues his plight to find a table, despite his deadlines.

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