Student finally finished with exams uncovers Chrome tab dating back to 15th century

Historians were left baffled this morning by an accidental discovery: a chrome tab completely untouched since the 15th century.

Internet archaeologist and Bristol second year Dakota Jones was shocked to discover the relic after delving into her saturated toolbar in search of an article she’d downloaded. Jones stated that she ‘knew that chrome could be slow when overloaded with tabs, but this is just ridiculous.’

The intrepid Internet explorer went on to revealed that the tab contained invaluable contemporary political discourse:

“I’ve always said that history repeats itself, and I think this proves it.” Stated Jones, drawing our attention to the debate arising from one post reading: ‘Now heare this. Feudalist hath dairy drink thrown upon his persone, vexing him greatlye. Even Vince Cable got involved.’

She continued, “I think this must have been right at the start of his political career since he’s only got a few followers.”

Another thread, originating from a group known as the ‘red helmets’, lamented an effigy created by the mayor of London, appearing to depict King Charles VII ahead of a diplomatic visit: ‘the mayor be but a cuckold, who methinks hath partaken verily of the soy bean.’

The discovery is heavily sought after by museums, having surpassed the previous oldest tab on display, showcasing a vintage game of FarmVille still in progress.