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Eco-warrior travels 8,000 miles in gas guzzling metal machine to plant three trees in Botswana

It was enviro-meant to be.

Yet another student has shown their dedication to environmental causes: this week 20 year-old Aurelia Stepford will make the inspirational journey from southern Kent to southern Africa to plant trees, aided only by British Airways and £3,000.

The Whip caught up with Aurelia as she was stocking up on Fiji water bottles for the trip: “I just care so much. I just care. I think about this kind of thing a lot, and I think, why does nobody else care? Am I the only one? Probably.”

Though activists often feel the intense isolation of being morally better than everybody else, Aurelia is not in fact alone in her eco vocation.

Her motivation to do something is driven not only by a desperate need to appear interesting, but also as part of a recent campaign by the University of Bristol to aid the environment at all costs.

The appeal, ‘Climate Change? I Barely Know Her’ has been taken on by many UoB institutions; this includes the ASS, who refused to cut down more trees in order to provide seats during exam season, as well as the SU’s Balloon Bar, putting in maximum effort to prevent leisure and consumer waste by rarely serving food and closing whenever necessary.

Many other students are following suit, flocking to South East Asia and the Americas for the summer in order to fully feel the effects of global warming, making use of reusable keep-cups to collect and retain their ayahuasca.

Undoubtedly there have been some mindless criticisms of the performative nature of ‘CC?IBKH’. For example, there has been an inquiry into the dubious effect ‘feeling quite concerned’ and ‘not really knowing what to do’ has on rising sea levels, but the link has yet to be disproven.

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