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Fresher determined to remain a virgin packs school leavers hoodie

Pop your hoodie on, not your cherry.

Reports confirm that this morning, UoM fresher Lee Ryans shared a picture on Instagram of his 2019 Midland High leavers hoodie. The image has been widely received as an expression of the student’s desire to remain a virgin.

The 18 year old Loughborough-native captioned the photo “Unforgettable place ✅ Unforgettable people ✅ Even better memories ✅ #newchapter #downitfresher.”

The Hockey scholar informed The Whip that he was gutted that he hadn’t thought to purchase more than one hoodie. “I don’t know what I’ll do when I eventually have to take it off to wash it.

“If only I had two. Then I could implement a laundry-rotation system.”

Addressing his decision to abstain from sexual interactions, Ryans went on to explain his perspective.

“I guess I just think if everyone else is having sex during freshers, it’s probably not that cool?

“I find it so monotonous that shagging is all anyone talks about. Luckily, when people see me wearing my hoodie, they never even bother asking me if I’ve recently pulled.”

The Manchester Student Health Services have since commended Ryans on his contribution to the research surrounding new contraceptive methods.

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