Fresher answers question in lecture, becomes coolest person on course

“I’m something of an expert, actually.”

Reports have emerged that a first year student has become the de facto coolest person on his course after answering a question posed by the lecturer.

Josh Brooks, who studies English Literature, said his five-minute response to the question “Why is referencing important?” has earned him serious respect among his cohort.

The 19-year-old told The Whip, “My entire course now knows I’m the top dog, academically speaking. In a student environment that is increasingly based on partying and drugs, it’s nice to know my English skills are being appreciated.

“I’m something of an expert on referencing, actually. Harvard, Chicago, MLA: a reference a day keeps the academic malpractice away. I bet these other freshers are referencing from Wikipedia.

“The lecturer was taken aback by the sheer quality of my response. Literally lost for words. He just said, ‘Ok, thanks,’ and got on with his presentation.

“I heard what I thought were groans from people behind me, but I can only assume they must have been gasping in amazement.

“I think it’s safe to say I’m the coolest on my course now. I expected more people to come up to me after the lecture and say hi, or even anyone at all, but perhaps they were scared off by my aura of awesomeness.”

“It’s onwards and upwards from here. Next stop, BNOC!”


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