Conversation win! Both these freshers are in first year

Finally, some common ground.

Stoke Bishop was a scene of celebration today as two freshers finally found something to talk about. Onlookers reported hearing audible sighs of relief from Hiatt Baker catered as Dan Farnby and Pete Joss got to grips with their newly-formed friendship.

The Whip spoke to Mr. Farnby this morning:

“Moving to uni… you know how it is, naturally you worry about getting on with your flatmates.” he explained. “Will you have the same interests? The same views on the world? Will you argue?” Daniel continued “all that pent-up anxiety just washes away when you find something to bring you together.

“When my older brother was a fresher at university, he was mates with exclusively Ph.D. students. Said they were ‘more on his level’. Accidentally ended up studying for a doctorate for eight months of first year and went mute. I don’t want to make the same mistakes he did.”

Smiling warmly, Pete clapped a hand on his new pal’s shoulder.

“I’d tried to chat to him everywhere – my halls, my pres, Tokyo World.” Mr. Joss explained. “But every time I’d just end up asking him what phone he had and if he had any games on it. We were really running dry, taking turns on Snake in silence, when I saw a text from his Gran pop up… ‘Good luck with your first-year’ yada yada.

“That’s when the floodgates opened. ‘You in my year?’, I asked. Absolute convo-tsunami followed. There’s no signs of slowing down. I’m drenched. We’ve just got onto whether or not our lanyards are cool. I can’t fucking wait to hear what he thinks.”

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