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Self-proclaimed ‘Top Boy’ actually just head boy in secondary school

“I’m more than just my double-barrel surname”

Reports confirm Epsom-born second year Orlando Nixon-Gordon has reimagined his cultural and socio-economic circumstances after watching Top Boy.

The student appears to have become so invested in the Netflix series that he has begun impersonating its dialect, in a bid to prove that he too is a ‘roadman’.

The Whip caught up with Nixon-Gordon, to gauge an understanding of this excruciating phenomenon.

“People hear the word Surrey and instantly make assumptions innit. What them man don’t realise is that just cos I’ve got a horse and I eat pâté don’t mean I’m not in touch with my urban roots.

“When I watched Top Boy I just thought man, what a mad representation about issues surrounding drugs n P. It really spoke to me on a personal level.

“My cousin’s friend’s sister’s mum’s aunt is on a salary of below 30k. Once every three and a half weeks I might have a toke on a spliff.

“I’m more than just my double-barrel surname. At secondary school I was actually known on the streets as ‘Top Boy’. You feel me?”

One of Nixon-Gordon’s home friends was available to comment. “I think what he means by that, is that he was awarded ‘Head Boy’ by the Duke of Kent in Year 11.”

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