Climate conscious fresher shows solidarity with Greta by sailing to night out

In and amongst today’s climate change fervour, one individual has distinguished themselves from the rest of the Extinction Rebellion supporting crowd.

Although most would be satisfied with an amusing placard and a few social media stories, swept away in a flood of Greta-fever, a Liberty Dock resident will tonight sail down the River Aire, before mooring at the bottom of Call Lane and heading out to dance the night away at Wire.

Little is known about the hardy individual (although sources at Facebook suggest he is ‘interested’ in preventing climate change) but The Whip did manage to secure an audience with the self-proclaimed activist, Edwin Turbine.

“I don’t really know a lot about marine activity,” an enthused Turbine began, “or electronic music for that matter, and my knowledge of climate change is basically predicated on those handy graphs The Guardian put on Instagram sometimes… but I’m like totally open to new experiences so I can’t wait.

“My parents have been so supportive; Dad literally just whacked the thing on the boating trailer and chugged it up north from Salisbury on the back of the Volvo for me.”

Turbine then rolled himself a ciggie, hastily excused himself and jumped in an Uber to town to enjoy lunch at Gaucho Grill with his father.

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